We worked with Age Well to produce a video for clients and caretakers enrolled in Choices For Care, a Medicaid-funded program that provides long-term services and supports to Vermonters who need a nursing home level of care. Our goal was to produce a video that was incredibly informative, providing a thorough overview of the program as well as addressing issues such as medicaid fraud, while still being engaging for viewers. We accomplished this by collaboratively writing a script, delivered by various on-camera spokespersons, joined with beautifully captured B roll of real clients/caretakers, and finished with dynamic motion graphics. Above is a short preview of the longer video clients and caretakers watch upon enrollment.


Producer  |  Age Well
Writers  |  Pilgrim Film Co., Age Well, Patrick Brownson
Director, DP, Editor  |  Micah Dudash
Gaffer, Key Grip, AC  |  Will Stevenson
PA  |  Josh Bernales
Audio Tech  |  Christopher Hawthorne
Music  |  Eric Kinny - Blueprint
Thank You  |  TJ Donovan, Monica Hutt, Wendy Marton, Visiting Nurses Association and all the clients and caretakers who worked with us.